WCP MCC Robot 2018


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What is MCC? 

A Minimum Competitive Concept (aka MCC) is a robot specifically engineered to be a valuable asset to any alliance, while still being simple and accessible to any team, regardless of experience or resources. The WestCoast Products 2018 MCC robot is designed with the intent of ensuring teams have a greater chance of not only being chosen for an alliance in the elimination rounds, but also leading their own alliance as a part of the top 8 seeds.   

Why did we (WCP) make an MCC?

Because FIRST POWER UP is hard. This is a game where teams without years of experience and resources can easily get left behind, and it is WestCoast Products’ goal to provide these teams a way of achieving success both on and off the field through proven and tested concepts. Every year we end up seeing teams performing beneath their capabilities because of small strategic oversights, use of underperforming COTS parts, and most commonly, a lack of design experience. We want to break the mold and show that teams can build a competitive robot in a matter of days without breaking the bank or having anything more than hand tools and commonly accessible machines.     

MCC 2018 - Powering Up 

In order to decide what style of robot would best universally compliment any alliance, our engineers conducted a thorough strategic analysis of FIRST POWER UP from the point of view of every kind of team imaginable, from the high performing veterans to the clueless yet excited rookies. Our findings, alongside invaluable input from some of the pros of FRC (seen below), led us to the conclusion that the best minimum competitive concept would be a robotthat could grab cubes from the loading station, score them in either the switch or exchange, and be able to drive on ramps and platforms without getting stuck. All the while leaving room for upgrades as the season goes on for teams. Armed with this information, our crew designed and built the WCP MCC 2018 robot in five days. We are confident that this robot will be a fantastic addition to any alliance.

What do the Pro's think?

  • Mason Markee (FRC 118) "A competitive robot on an alliance in FIRST POWER UP must be able to traverse all portions of the field, move cubes into the exchange, and score cubes on the switch. The swiftness these tasks are completed with will amplify a team's success. Team's who can provide a way to help other robots receive the end game bonus will seed higher, have higher scores in playoffs, and win more matches."
  • Mike Corsetto (FRC 1678) " For Power Up, every robot needs quick control of cubes, and the ability to score in the exchange and switch.  A consistent drive train and autonomous will be make or break for teams this season "
  • Brandon Holley (FRC 125) "Every highly successful alliance will have a robot who specializes in owning Switches and climbing ramps/platforms.  As teams focus on carrying other robots up with them and how to place Power Cubes in the Scale, we may find the nimble Switch robots as the real game changers."
  • Adam Heard (FRC 973) "Ideal 3rds in this game will be able to score human loaded cubes and always get their hang."
  • Jonathan Bryant (FRC 238, Former FRC Game Designer) "Probably the robot we should have built! This thing will be a ranking point monster with two ramps!

WCP MCC 2018 - 1 WCP 2018 - 2
WCP 2018 - 3 WCP MCC 2018 - 2