WPC MCC Robot 2016

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 *We have put up the BOM, teams we will not be creating a product page for this robot but we will try and have kits up of stuff that teams can't make (Ratchet & Pawl etc..). Teams are encouraged to look at the BOM and figure out what they need. WARNING: The hanger will require the most amount of work, teams should budget 1-2 weeks of build and plenty of R&D Time*

What is MCC?

A Minimum Competitive Concept (aka MCC) is a robot specifically engineered to be a valuable asset to any alliance, while still being simple and accessible to any team, regardless of experience or resources. The WestCoast Products 2016 MCC robot is designed with the intent of ensuring teams have a greater chance of not only being chosen for an alliance in the elimination rounds, but also leading their own alliance as a part of the top 8 seeds.  

Why did we (WCP) make an MCC?

Because FIRST Stronghold is hard. This is a game where teams without years of experience and resources can easily get left behind, and it is WestCoast Products’ goal to provide these teams a way of achieving success both on and off the field through proven and tested concepts. Every year we end up seeing teams performing beneath their capabilities because of small strategic oversights, use of underperforming COTS parts, and most commonly, a lack of design experience. We want to break the mold and show that teams can build a competitive robot in a matter of days without breaking the bank or having anything more than hand tools and commonly accessible machines.  

MCC 2016 - Breaking Through the StrongHold

In order to decide what style of robot would best universally compliment any alliance, our engineers conducted a thorough strategic analysis of FIRST Stronghold from the point of view of every kind of team imaginable, from the high performing veterans to the clueless yet excited rookies. Our findings, alongside invaluable input from some of the pros of FRC (seen below), led us to the conclusion that the best minimum competitive concept would be a robot that could actively control a Boulder, score in the low goal, climb the tower, traverse under the low bar, and drive over the B & D style obstacles with ease. Armed with this information, our crew designed and built the WCP MCC 2016 robot in five days. We are confident that this robot will be a fantastic addition to any alliance, and has the potential for modifications that will allow it to tackle the rest of the Defenses, should a team choose to do so.

What do the Pro's think?

  • Mason Markee, FRC118 "I think the perfect third robot only has to do a couple things. Go over a B/D class obstacle or under the low bar during auton (drive straight). Play defense. Pick up a ball and ferry it to the courtyard. No scoring needed"
  • Brandon Holley, FRC125 "The key to being competitive year in, and year out, is not figuring out how to 'break the game' to gain a small advantage - its being reliable, and knowing how an entire alliance will see success.  This year, maybe more than ever, there is a role to play for every team, of every skillset and resource capability.  Our team will be looking for reliable partners, capable of controlling and scoring the game piece, going under the low bar and capable of crossing the B and D class obstacles.  This robot will help multiply the effectiveness of the other teams on its alliance, and will be a must have for success at the high levels of play!"
  • Jared Russel, FRC254 "This is probably the hardest shooting task that FIRST has ever given us.  The high goal is small relative to the size of the ball, you can only take one shot at a time, and the only protected area requires a long shot and is susceptible to being blocked.  In my opinion, most teams would be better off finding other ways to contribute to an alliance this year than shooting.  Breaching the defense, scoring low goals, moving balls across the field, playing defense, and contributing to the endgame are all tasks that a simple, well-executed robot and practiced drive team should be able to accomplish - and these robots will be highly sought after by playoff alliances all the way through Championships.
  • Adam Heard, FRC973 "973 believes the perfect simple robot is a sub 16" machine that can also do class B/D obstacles and score in the low goal. Such a robot would be a great partner to any good team, and three would be a serious eliminations threat at regionals"
  • Mike Corsetto, FRC1678 "We're looking for teams that build robust solutions that fill critical roles in an elimination alliance. Teams that use unproven designs with shoddy workmanship and unreliable COTS components put themselves at a disadvantage. With so many suppliers trying to get into the FRC market at varying degrees of success, we are lucky to have high quality products from WCP and VEXpro that boost our on-field performance.".