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This breakout board makes wiring 5V analog sensors to the Talon SRX quick and easy. When connected to the Talon SRX through a ribbon cable, the breakout board provides solder pads to help connect your necessary sensors. This breakout board is designed specifically for use with the Talon SRX - it scales a native 5V analog signal to a Talon SRX compliant 3.3V, helping 5V magnetic shaft encoders to "just work" without additional circuitry. See section 1.4.7 of the Talon SRX User's Guide for more details.

See section 1.4.7 of the Talon SRX User's Guide for more details.

This breakout board makes wiring a quadrature encoder or limit switch to the Talon SRX quick and easy. When connected to the Talon SRX through a ribbon cable, the breakout board provides solder pads for quadrature encoders (on the top) and limit switches (on the bottom).

See section 1.4.6 of the Talon SRX User's Guide for more details.

The CAN Connector joins together two CAN devices. For devices that support a CAN bus (such as the Talon SRX), the CAN Connector can be used to "daisy chain" multiple devices together.

See Section 1.3.2 of the Talon SRX User's Guide for more details.

The Voltage Regulator Module from Cross the Road Electronics provides access to different constant voltages for custom sensors, cameras, or other unique applications.

The Pneumatic Control Module from Cross the Road Electronics provides an easy all-in-one interface for pneumatic components.

The Power Distribution Panel (PDP) from Cross the Road Electronics is the latest DC power interface for competition robotics. The PDP uses CAN to connect directly to the roboRIO and allows for individual current monitoring on each channel.

The Cross the Road Electronics SRX Mag Encoder is a rotary sensor that can be used to measure rotational position and velocity. The device senses the magnetic field of a diametrically polarized magnet to determine rotational position with 12 bit precision. The device provides both a Quadrature interface that may be used for relative position measurement and a Pulse Width Modulated output for absolute position measurement. The device connects directly to the Talon SRX data port and is directly supported in the Talon SRX firmware. Click here for additional magnet options.

The Pigeon, by Cross the Road Electronics, is an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) designed with FIRST® Robotics Competition teams in mind. This lightweight device has 9 degrees of freedom, and contains an accelerometer, a gyro, and a 3-axis magnetometer. It can be connected to the Gadgeteer Port on the Talon SRX or HERO for power, or it can be wired to the CAN bus while powered from a separate 12V source. Use it during autonomous as an easy way to measure direction or acceleration in a direction!


  • 9 Degrees of freedom (3 Axis accelerator, 3 Axis Gyroscope, 3 Axis Magnetometer).
  • Full AHRS (Attitude and heading reference system): Yaw, Pitch, and Roll.
  • Gyro automatically re-biased after eight seconds of no-motion.
  • Optional Temperature Compensation for further reduced gyro drift and accelerometer error.
  • Boot Time: ~ 5 seconds
  • Optional Compass fusing for zero heading drift.
  • Data connection can be CAN bus, or Gadgeteer-data-cabled to Talon SRX (UART).
  • Connection strategy allows for multiple IMUs (multiple arm/manipulator servos, drivetrain heading).
  • Invensene MPU-9250 MotionTracking™ Device
  • Robot heading and Yaw are continuous, ideal for robot heading servos, and motion plotting. No need to modulo divide anything.
  • Talon SRX Motor controller and Pigeon have a direct line of communication (allows for advanced future motion profiled features).
  • Conformal-coated
  • Robot-level API implementation is simple, no exceptions and few error conditions to service.
  • Reverse Battery Protection


P/N Description CAD Drawings Weight
217-5049 SRX Mag Encoder STEP 0.070 lbs
217-5670 Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU STEP 0.020 lbs
217-4429 CAN Connector STEP PDF 0.036 lbs
217-4245 Voltage Regulator Module STEP PDF
217-4243 Pneumatic Control Module STEP PDF
217-4244 Power Distribution Panel STEP PDF
How To
Additional Info
Kit Contents 217-4245: Voltage Regulator Module
  • (1) Voltage Regulator Module

217-4243: Pneumatic Control Module
  • (1) Pneumatic Control Module

217-4244: Power Distribution Panel
  • (1) Power Distribution Panel

217-5049: SRX Mag Encoder
  • (1) SRX Mag Encoder Kit

217-5670: Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU
  • (1) Pigeon IMU Board
  • (1) 4" Gadgeteer Cable
  • (4) Rubber Grommets
Inputs & Outputs 217-4245: Voltage Regulator Module
  • 12V DC (From PDP)
  • (2) 5V; 500mA Limit
  • (2) 5V; 2A Limit
  • (2) 12V; 500mA Limit
  • (2) 12V; 2A Limit

217-4243: Pneumatic Control Module
"VSOL" jumper allows teams to select the user of either 12V DC or 24V DC systems
  • CAN Bus
  • 12V DC (From PDP)
  • Pressure Switch Input
  • (8) Solenoid Output
  • (1) 12V DC Compressor

217-4244: Power Distribution Panel
  • 12V DC (Designed for FIRST Robotics Competition-legal battery)
  • (8) 40A Protected Channels (12V)
  • (8) 20A/30A Protected Channels (12V)
  • (1) 20A Protected Channel (Shared between PCM and VRM)
  • (1) 10A Protected Channel (roboRIO)
  • (1) CAN Bus (Provides Feedback to roboRIO)
Miscellaneous 217-5049: SRX Mag Encoder
  • Counts per Revolution: 1024

217-5670: Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU
Battery Info
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Min/Max Voltage: 5.5V - 28V
  • Max Current: 50mA